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Holonus is a platform to create an economic zone
based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Holonus participants will be evaluated for their contributions to the Holonus economic zone and will receive legitimate reward through smart contracts.
We will realize an economic zone free from a hierarchical structure that forms contemporary society.


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Unique features: The basis for realization of Holonus economic zone

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Holonus economic zone
Unique features: The basis for realization of Holonus economic zone


Large-capacity data recording Blockchain

Holonus blockchain records metadata in blockchain by utilizing a decentralized file system and achieves temper-proof recording of large volumes of data.

Encryption / division / decentralized
file system

Tamper-proof data recording, encryption and decentralized file storage enables you to handle large volumes of data and achieves a high-quality leakage prevention function.

Multi DApps platform

Since one blockchain can be shared by multiple applications, resources can be used effectively.
In this case, however, transactions and data between DApps are completely isolated and protected.


Holonas provides a general-purpose Web API that allows you to operate the Holonas blockchain.
DApps developers don’t need to create a blockchain program and can quickly embed it in their applications.

Vest Proof of Stakes

This makes it possible for users to jointly hold the right to participate in one node. As a result, a partnership of small-value asset owners (Syndicate) can participate in node operations and approve blocks, preventing the monopoly of block approvals by asset owners

Embedded decentralized AI

Decentralized AI does not require a central server, and the more nodes participate in the Holonus economic zone, the faster the processing speed.
Decentralized structure prevents AI from being tempered or hacked.
Security AI will be embedded to avoid potential risks after building an economic zone.

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Interested in Holonus for your business?

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Holonus history

Private B/C for IEO Encrypted data recording API (for DApps) Large file recording API (for DApps) Encryption key API (for DApps)
Base Application B/C Message Application B/C Storage Applications B/C Trade Application
Original Base B/C Transition to original consensus algorithm DeFi functionality (lending, etc.) Original Wallet
HORONAS DApps Builder SNS building applications Game Building Application Store Building Application Business Application Building Application
AI and self-propagation


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