Realize an autonomously decentralized economic zone

Holonus platform is the “Earth”

The earth has everything for us to live.
Water, air, food.

Holonus is the same. Holonus has everything for us to live.

Holonus platform is the “earth” in the world of WEB3.0.

The value created by the participants is a "Tree"

Oxygen is necessary for living things to live on the earth.
Water, air, food as well.

The "tree" here is the "value" created by the participants in the Holonus economic zone.

Not only DApps, but also each person who works in the Holonus economic zone becomes a "tree".

By gathering these "trees", Holonus will be able to function as an economic zone.

The currency circulating in Holonus is the "Air"

Since Holonus is an economic zone, currency exchanges occur.
The concept of currency in Holonus is the exchange for value.

Participants will create value simply by working in the Holonus economic zone.
Currency is paid for its value from the Holonus economic zone.

Participants can get the currency without being aware of it, just as people can breathe the air without being aware of it.

Build a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

In economic design on the Holonus platform, participants
are rewarded when they provide value.

The concept of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous
Organization) is to make sure that they receive a fair reward
for the value creation they have done.

Holonus frees people from a hierarchical structure that is a
real-world organizational structure and realizes a true DAO
economic zone.

Holonus community

You can receive the latest information.
Please interact between participants in
Holonus economic zone!